For a while now, I've been worried about matters of scale as far as the birds go, because I tend to draw them all at about the same size when in reality their sizes vary quite a bit. Therefore, I set out to create a size chart showing just how much their sizes vary just to see how incorrectly I've been drawing them all this time. And here it is. The sizes are approximate, since not all birds of the same species are the same size. I went with an approximate size that is a fair midpoint between the high and low ends of the range for each species. Clarence, as he's not an adult yet, I approximated as slightly less than the low end of the range for an adult bluejay. When I'd finished, there were a couple things that surprised me: First, how close to approximate scale I actually do draw most of them, and second, how far from approximate scale I draw Lewis and Clarence. Even more interesting than that, though, is that in the strips with just Lewis and Clarence, the approximate scale isn't off by quite so much. Still, crows are a lot bigger than any of these other birds, so I draw Lewis far smaller than he ever could be in real life. Of course, none of this means that I'll be drawing the strips any differently. It just means that I'll know just how incorrect I am every time.

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