Okay, to begin with, yes mockingbirds do eat worms. I looked it up. They mostly eat fruit, bugs, and worms. I didn’t actually find that they eat bird seed, but the comic is called The Bird Feeder, so all the birds eat bird seed. That is, except for Tina. I haven’t shown her eating anything yet. Maybe tomorrow.

That said, I was just thinking about all the cartoons that show birds eating worms, bringing worms back to the nest for the babies, prying worms out of little holes in the ground… everyone’s seen them. It just seems so unrealistic. Not every bird likes worms. Terry is one of them that doesn’t.

I was thinking, too, that I would avoid showing Edna feeding her children. I would want to be realistic, but I don’t think that would be appropriate for a comic strip. If you don’t know what I mean, look it up.

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