Funny Glasses

Today’s strip is a bit of a stretch. My original idea for the strip was to have birds living fairly bird-like lives, though they do exhibit some human-like qualities. I wanted to try to avoid too many human-like props, however, or human-like movements, i.e. turning wings into hands. Today I have Tina wearing some funny glasses and a mustache, because I happen to think it looks funny, and I’m sick, so sight gags come easier to me when I’m sick than funny writing. In the future, I’ll try to keep the human-like things to a minimum, but I can’t guarantee they won’t be in there.

Another thing I was thinking about as I’ve been drawing the strip is the backgrounds, and specifically when the birds are in the trees. The shapes of the branches are not exactly realistic, but that’s not really what I’m going for. I’m going for the idea of a tree branch that they’re standing on and a nice design for said idea of tree branch. I know I could look at some trees and draw them, but that’s not as fun as coming up with a design for a branch that I wish was real.

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