Short Attention Span

Today’s strip introduces Tina, the hummingbird. Hummingbirds are always flitting from here to there, and their wings beat so fast you can hardly see them. Because of this, I’ve made Tina a bit hyperactive.

There are a couple things that I’ve done differently for this strip as well. First of all, I’ve heard that the lettering is extremely messy and illegible, and I understand that, since my handwriting isn’t that great to begin with and I’m not very good at doing it with a pen tablet. So, I’ve made a font out of my handwriting, which should help a bit.

Also, I was using Photoshop to do the strips, but now I’ve switched over to TabletDraw. It’s a great program designed specifically with pen tablets in mind. It’s much more natural, and looks more like it was drawn on a piece of paper, which is what I’m going for. All who like to draw on a tablet should check it out. It’s shareware, so it’s free to use forever, but if you want unlimited undos and more than three layers, you’ll have to pony up $35. I’m broke, so right now I’m learning to deal with the limitations.

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