Failed Stealth

As a quiet person, and someone who doesn't speak up that much, I've noticed that when I do speak people don't seem to know how to react. I'm able to be stealthy and to have no one notice me without even trying. Then, when I do say something and kind of what people to notice me, they don't seem to be paying attention to what I'm saying as much as the fact that I'm saying something. It's especially weird when I've been there a while, listening in to the whole conversation, and I guess everyone has kind of forgotten that I'm there. All of a sudden, they realize that I'm there and it's as if I appeared out of empty space. If what I'm saying happens to only be something that's correcting someone's grammar or usage, at that point they probably care even less about it than they would otherwise.

That doesn't really have anything to do with this comic, but it's an experience that I have when I somehow end up in groups of people. It's why I try not to do it very often.

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