About me

Hi. My name’s Ben Carlsen. I’m the artist and writer of The Bird Feeder. For lots more on me, check out my personal website:


For me in a nutshell:

I’ve been drawing and writing for pretty much my entire life, and I’ve wanted to become a cartoonist since I was very young. I’ve always loved comic strips, and have studied much about them and their creators. I still enjoy reading comic strips. Unfortunately, it seems that the newspaper industry is in a bit of a decline. I still want to create a comic strip that could possibly appear in the newspaper, hence the format of The Bird Feeder.

I have studied art at Southern Virginia University, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. I enjoy creating and experiencing many kinds of artwork, including great music, literature, and film. I also enjoy computers and more technical things, though I’m not quite as good at those as some other members of my family.